Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose Gateway?

Since 1959, the family-owned/operated Gateway Pet Cemetery and Crematory has provided quality aftercare services for pets. Our professional and compassionate staff are here to assist you as you grieve your loss and to treat your pet family member with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Gateway Pet Cemetery has a nearly five decades-long history of serving Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and parts of Los Angeles County. At Gateway, we understand that: “we do not bury and cremate animals…we bury and cremate pets“.

What is cremation?

The cremation process is performed to prepare the remains of a loved one for their final resting. This process is carried out by placing the loved one’s remains in a cremation chamber under intense heat.

Once the cremation process is complete, the cremated remains are removed and granulated into a powder-like texture or “cremains”.

How long does the process take?

Because each cremation is done individually and a cremation can last several hours, our typical turnaround time is 1 week for the standard package, although special requests and upgraded packages may take longer. If you choose one of our specially engraved urns, we may require an additional day or two.

Our staff or your local vet will notify you once your pet’s ashes are ready for pick up.

How do I know that the ashes I receive are my pet's ashes?

The professionals at Gateway have been providing quality pet aftercare for decades. We perform only individual cremations, guaranteeing that the ashes returned to you are your pet’s ashes — and only your pet’s ashes.

We also tag each individual pet with their own specific cremation number. This number stays with them throughout the entire cremation process.

How do I get my pet to your facility?

We offer free pick up of your pet and return of their ashes to your local vet. We service the High Desert, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and parts of Los Angeles County. Please check our list of veterinary providers to see if yours is listed.

We can also pick up from your residence for a small fee or you can bring your pet to us during regular business hours. No appointment is needed.

Our cemetery is closed to the public. Only those with a loved one buried on the premises have access. If visiting the cemetery, please call (909) 885-1600 in advance. View map.


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